Design and manufacture of
automated transport systems
for the corrugated board industry



Design and manufacture of automated transport systems from master craftsmen

Since its foundation in 1964, SEEMI has focused its expertise on conveyor systems for the corrugated cardboard industry. Both the simplest elements and the most complex solutions are analysed, designed and manufactured at the company's own site in France. This allows SEEMI to respond efficiently to requests and also to proactively carry out maintenance and assembly.

Apart from logistics systems, SEEMI has developed and improved its flatbed die-cutter, the Loadpoint®, making it very suitable for small series production. All of SEEMI's cost-effective solutions have a common goal: optimising the safety of production facilities while increasing production output. SEEMI regularly expands its product portfolio with robots and precise automation, such as the assembly of automated guided vehicles (AGV). In principle, the operation is carried out with the help of induction and WI-FI.

The La Couronne-based company also offers an open and editable control software that enables the management of the entire production. The same applies to schedule data management and continuous production monitoring of the entire production process (product flow); this enables SEEMI to respond to customer requests, e.g. by changing the priorities of the production flow.

All the software and IT programmes are open source and can always be modified by customers if necessary, the systems adapt perfectly to all corrugators and converting machines and are in agreement with the interface management and production monitoring protocols. Since 2020, SEEMI has been part of the DÜCKER Group and the combination of DNAs allows it to respond quickly to all customer projects.

The use of the latest technologies for the developed products as well as continuous further development ensure a constant improvement of solutions and systems. The daily guidelines for SEEMI are performance, optimisation and customer service for customers worldwide.

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