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Automated management and
control systems to manage
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Dücker AMC –

Automated management and control systems

Dücker AMC was founded in 2009. With the help of sophisticated software, the company helps clients increase the effectiveness of automated processes and simulate the effects of possible investments. This makes opportunities tangible, changes plannable and success visible.

By evaluating and optimising your internal processes and systems, we are able to calculate machine block times and thus achieve optimal utilisation of these times and avoid production downtimes, from efficient planning of maintenance measures to flexible shift models.

However, one of the main tasks of our software is the optimisation of material flow systems. Based on individual planning data, it is possible to realistically simulate the material flows in your company. This enables us to identify potential bottlenecks and to suggest solutions for improved processes. Through the integrated simulation of the production flow, the system is able to predict the future utilisation of each individual component.

At Dücker AMC, we turn the buzzwords of the digital world - such as Industry 4.0, cloud solutions, predictive maintenance and business intelligence - into real benefits for our customers, and our SIMcor simulation solution is just the first step in this direction.

Intelligent control simply visualised

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