Service, spare parts and after-sales –
so that we can ensure
the reliability of your
systems at all times.

Service, spare parts & after-sales –

for safety, reliability and optimization.

To ensure smooth processes, we offer comprehensive services
- because every breakdown costs money.

Prevention is better than cure, this old wisdom applies not only to medicine but also to technology. It is not only in the development of our systems that we pay careful attention to quality and durability. With the Dücker CorrCheck, our preventive maintenance package, as well as regular checks, we also ensure that the machines run reliably after commissioning. An experienced technician checks the status of the system on-site and, based on the assessment, draws up a prioritized list of recommendations for component replacement and software updates. In this way, we reduce the risk of malfunctions and downtimes so that our customers can continue to work economically and efficiently in the future.

To ensure that we can act quickly in the event of a malfunction and carry out necessary repairs just in time, we keep numerous spare parts in stock and are available to our customers at short notice with a large network of experienced fitters if required.

Developments in technology, but also in general conditions, also entail the adaptation or modernization of systems. We are also prepared for this and offer various optimization options in the areas of software and hardware. So that our customers are always up-to-date.

Our services for you:


Safety, plant availability and quality

The Dücker CorrCheck is our preventive maintenance package, which we adapt individually to the respective plant. It is carried out by our experienced technicians on site. The assessment of the plant status is followed by a timely prioritized recommendation list for component replacement and software upgrades.

We recommend regular safety checks of certain plant components as part of the Dücker CorrCheck.

Of course, we also offer safety-relevant components of the CorrCheck individually, such as the brake test of the transfer carriages, the functionality test of the Dücker emergency stop circuits or the personnel safety devices.

In general, our services include training for employees in the operation of the systems, the mechanics, and the electrics. This is how we familiarize your employees with the systems.

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Spare parts and fitters available at short notice

In the event of a malfunction, we can get many spare parts on their way quickly.

A dense network of experienced fitters is available at short notice if required.

In the event of acute software, electrical or mechanical problems, we are available to you during our working hours.


Adapting systems to the latest developments

Technical development is also advancing rapidly in materials handling technology. In addition, general conditions change over time. For efficient operations, it is important to adapt the installed systems to the latest changes.

We offer various optimization options in the area of software and hardware. We would be happy to develop an individual concept for you.

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