Reliable and gentle handling
of paper rolls through each
step of the value chain

Smooth and precise transport of rolls

Complete solutions - specially developed for the corrugated board industry

To us, a complete solution means:
using every advantage for you.

The automatic conveyor technology around the wet end allows you to fully exploit the possibilities of a modern corrugator. Various layouts, whether with transfer carriages or turntables, adapt to the respective conditions.

Our modern, frequency-controlled VKF conveyors, equipped with extremely durable plastic chains, enable smooth transport. The conveyors are mounted flush with the floor in pits. Forklift trucks can comfortably manoeuvre over these.

The automatic control and visualization by ASCOR ensures that you are always informed about the current situation at the wet end.

Your advantages:

  • Faster reel change times
  • Less manpower required
  • Smooth transport
  • Less waste
  • Optimal information about your reel movements
  • Tried and tested interfaces to leading suppliers
  • Operator safety

Roll preparation

Unwinding at the right time.

The reel preparation station enables more efficient unwinding of paper reels and contributes to waste reduction.

After the roll is retracted, it is lifted and rotated. During unwinding, the operator accurately detects the paper quality. If it is satisfactory, he can stop the process. In this way, just enough paper is removed.

Since this already takes place before the unwind process, the reel change times are significantly improved.

Your advantages:

  • faster reel change times
  • less waste
  • less stress during reel change
  • operator safety

Roll return line

Keep an eye on your residual rolls.

You can take a big step towards increasing productivity by using roll return lines. The remaining rolls no longer have to be returned but are moved out to the opposite side when the next roll enters.

There, the operator rolls the reel with an Easymover onto the return line, from where it is automatically transported to the roll storage.

Your advantages:

  • significantly faster reel change times
  • less waste
  • operator safety

Reel Management System -
ASCOR "Modul"

Everything under control.

With ASCOR "Modul" we set new standards for you: The reel transport system offers you many features for controlling and visualising the automatic reel movement and thus enables full control of all processes. In addition to automatic tracking of the movement and use of the reels, ASCOR "Modul" also offers you interfaces to almost all common corrugators and PPS/MES systems. This enables a smooth process and seamless integration into your existing systems.

In order to always be able to react as quickly as possible in the event of any malfunctions, PLC errors and notifications are stored in a special log file, where they can be viewed at any time.

With ASCOR "Module" you control:

  • the placement of paper or laminating orders
  • the receipt of paper in the warehouse
  • the recording of subsequent paper use
  • the radio frequency and scanning device via remote access
  • the use of barcode technology

Take the next step towards perfection with us and ASCOR "Modul"!