Fully automated storage
systems for the optimal
utilisation of your storage capacities

Intelligent and efficient storage -

from transfer trolleys to optimised storage

Optimum storage at every point

In optimised processes, it's all about utilising the available capacity. Unused empty space costs money, whether in the warehouse or during transport. We keep a close eye on this and also integrate the storage of materials and products into our plant planning. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to take all special features into account. This includes, as well as local conditions, the consideration of directions of rotation, angular transfers or the skilful integration of longitudinal or transverse carriages. Of course, we also take the safety of your employees into account in all planning, both in the operation of the machines and through the integration of safe personnel crossings.

By controlling the system with ASCOR, you always load your machines with the optimum capacity utilisation, alignment and in the most effective processing sequence. This offers you maximum efficiency and safety, not only in the material flow, but also in all storage stations. Together with strong partners, we have developed intelligent solutions for our customers that even automate the loading of high-bay warehouse systems.

Maximise your performance!

Intelligent solutions for efficient storage

WIP storage / temporary storage

The goal is simple: to make the best possible use of existing space. Whether flat storage or high-bay storage, with our systems and equipment we make optimum use of every space. But we go one step further, because thanks to our intelligent ASCOR control software, space is not only optimally utilised physically. ASCOR also makes it possible to sort the jobs logically, so that stacks that are to be processed later are automatically packed into the back rows. The control system is operated via an intuitive and easy-to-use Windows-based front end and tracks every stack movement in the storage area. With lifts either permanently installed or installed on the transfer carriages, loading even multi-level storage systems becomes child's play. Of course, completely palletless storage is also possible with our systems.

Different WIP models are available:

  • 1 level with 1 - 2 bearing blocks
  • 2 level with 1 - 2 bearing blocks
  • 3 level with 1 - 2 bearing blocks
  • combination of High-Rack Storage & WIP

Make the most of every space!

High Bay Storage Solution (HBS) –
high up with high-performance high bay storage solutions

We can't just store flat.

In many areas, goods can be stored much more efficiently if you plan upwards. In almost all warehouses, rooms are planned high up, so it makes perfect sense to optimally utilize these rooms upwards as well. In order to be able to offer our customers optimum efficiency in this area as well, we have developed our "High Bay Storage Solutions", or HBS for short, in cooperation with well-known suppliers of high-bay storage systems. From simple storage to multiple storages, you can sort and automate your warehouse logistics at the touch of a button. Using satellite or telescopic forks, a crane transports your goods to the set levels and sorts them according to prioritization. Thanks to ASCOR, you can identify and track each stack at any time and thus take your warehouse logistics to a new level.

Completely automatically.

Hybrid Interim Storage Systems (HISS) -
for all those who have a particularly large amount to store.

In cooperation with Westfalia, we at Dücker have developed a solution that even enables the loading and automation of particularly large storage quantities: the hybrid intermediate storage system (HISS). An enormously powerful combination of our years of experience in the field of intermediate storage solutions with Westfalia's solutions for floor-free high-bay racking. Conventional intermediate storage systems are supplemented by transfer carriages and conveyor belts and extended by additional storage levels above. The systems are connected to the Aviator® from Westfalia and thus enable smooth interaction of all functions.

The advantages are obvious:

  • More storage space and greater performance through the combination of the independently operating transfer trolley and the Aviator®.
  • Increased flexibility and storage options for buildings with limited floor space through the use of multi-depth storage at higher levels.
  • Prioritisation of short-, medium- and long-term orders as well as digital and pre-press orders.
    Space constraints in the layout can be circumvented by constructing to height.
  • Increased logistical efficiency through accessibility of conveyors at floor level, both by the transfer cart and the Aviator®.
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Warehouse management with ASCOR -
Supply chain efficiently planned

Especially in the manufacturing industry, the supply chain consists of many small steps. Achieving automation here that links all the steps together in a targeted manner brings enormous savings. Planned processes save both time and personnel costs while increasing safety and efficiency. The execution of inventories can also be almost completely automated by our ASCOR software. Since all goods are registered by ASCOR at the beginning of processing, you have a detailed overview of the current status of your stock at any time. The entire logistics within the supply chain in your company is built on the values of this permanent inventory. Accuracy and good planning are the basic prerequisites for the automated, secure and smooth running of all further steps. We are very aware of this, which is why we rely on the latest knowledge and technologies in the development of all individual solutions in order to always be able to meet this high requirement. Various devices for warehouse automation are integrated into the applications so that the warehouse management functions as a complete ASCOR end-to-end online business solution.

Agile logistics management with ASCOR.