Format & Finishing Lines / Stretches
Step by step on
the format route

Format & Finishing Lines / Stretches -

simple and effective

Fully automated through the
Sheet line

Working like clockwork, that's what our machines do. All the individual processing steps interlock. Like the cogwheels of a clockwork. The format line is no exception, because our goal is to provide you with maximum efficiency in the entire material flow. Our years of experience in the corrugated cardboard industry have sensitised us to work with attention to detail and precision, so that we can also optimally apply this experience and accumulated knowledge in every other area of the industry.

Already in the planning process, we pay attention to every detail, because both the local conditions and the type of materials to be transported play a major role in the planning. We have already been able to apply our know-how profitably for companies in a wide variety of industries. Because automated processes save personnel costs, maximise efficiency and effectiveness and increase safety in companies immensely.

Take the step into the fully automated sheet line with us.
You can only win.

Step by step on the format route

Pallet inserter -
perfectly packed

The safest and most practical way to transport goods is on pallets. Whether in automated systems or by forklift or crane, they offer stability and safety. We also enable fully automated pallet packing - with the help of pallet inserters. Our machines are designed to be powerful, precise and fast. They process up to 200 stacks per hour. Up to two stacks move into the inserter at the same time and are laterally centred, then lifted and pushed onto the pallets. It is also possible to set up different pallet patterns by using turning devices and pallet robots.

The performance of our inserters corresponds to that of today's high-performance corrugators with a working width of 3.3 metres. Automation not only saves you personnel costs, but also drastically increases your throughput. State-of-the-art technology and precise control additionally make palletising a safe affair and reduce safety risks enormously.

Pusher -
bring cargo into shape

We move even heavy weights. Pushers enable the transfer of goods at an angle of 90° to another conveyor belt or lane. But they can also be used for other purposes, for example for distributing, braking or aligning. Our systems are real powerhouses and push up to 40 stacks per hour carefully but powerfully to the next processing step. The path to the empty pallet can also be paved by a pusher. Here, a conveyor with integrated cross pusher pushes the stacks onto a lower lane where empty pallets are presented.

Whatever you need, we design the right system for it.

Manual Output Stations (MOS) -
with ASCOR

The ASCOR software provides the perfect overview of all stacks. Always. Separate order lists are created for each stack in the powerful software. These show you the status and location of each individual packed stack so that it can be retrieved from the warehouse according to the sequence and transported on accordingly. Of course, ASCOR also controls the optimized placement of storage capacities beforehand and can store stacks already sorted according to prioritisation. The processing of pre-sorted stacks according to processing order is one of the enormous advantages of ASCOR .

And should an unforeseen change occur, ASCOR makes it easy to re-sort or remove stacks that are incorrectly sorted or no longer needed.

So that everything runs smoothly.