Fully automated from
the packaging line to
the finished goods system

Finished goods and shipping area

without delays and fully automated

When everything runs
runs smoothly

Just-in-time productions are not only dependent on the precise delivery of raw materials, but also on the performance of their own production and shipping lines. The company's own cost-intensive warehousing of goods should be avoided, as should forced pauses in production that can occur due to failures or delays in the last link of the chain, packaging and shipping. Packaging and shipping lines are the last internal production factors that must not interfere with the delivery of goods within the specified time frame.

Necessary manual interventions and corrections can then quickly put a time-critical and finely tuned system behind schedule.

Automation systems in the finished goods and shipping area help to drastically reduce manual interventions by staff. This significantly reduces production downtime rates through and with a more consistent and smooth flow. With the robot and automation systems of the Dücker Group for the finished goods and dispatch area, you increase output and efficiency, create operational stability in your processes and reduce your costs at the same time.

From the packaging line to the finished goods system

Packaging lines

Production lines are constantly being modernised and optimised in order to generate the highest possible output of goods. Often, however, these optimisation steps are not transferred to the packaging and shipping area. If the packaging and shipping lines are not adapted and optimised to the same extent, the increase in production efficiency is in vain if the produced goods end up piling up in the packaging or shipping area.

Setting up an automated packaging line can help keep the entire production line flowing. We offer solutions for depalletising as well as palletising finished goods. Our systems work with top protection as well as the possibility of inserting a bottom edge protection. In addition, our systems offer various interfaces for the integration of strapping machines and winders. Various options are available for the implementation of an automated packaging line.

High-performance pallet inserter

Clean and unobstructed storage and distribution of the pallets, since they are centred, simplifies the work within the production chain and creates occupational safety. Stacks of pallets next to the processing machines are a thing of the past. Manual transport via forklift from the production facilities to the packaging line and dispatch is no longer necessary, and occupational safety is increased. Finished goods can be palletised quickly and efficiently using our high-performance pallet inserter. Two stacks can be lifted simultaneously by the inserter, centred laterally. The pallets can be inserted either manually or automatically. The placement of the finished goods on the pallets is absolutely precise. There is no need for manual adjustment or "straightening" on the pallet, and a high level of stack stability is achieved. At the same time, the systems are designed in such a way that they meet the high requirements of modern processing plants and the production speed can be maintained. With a capacity of up to 200 stacks per hour (with simultaneous use of an empty pallet robot), our high-performance pallet inserter can keep up with any processing line. Through the simultaneous use of pallet robots with turning devices, a wide variety of pallet patterns can be realised.

Your advantages:

  • high throughput rates
  • different pallet layers and patterns possible
  • high level of occupational safety due to perimeters and elimination of pallet stacks at the processing machines

Linear robot for feeding empty pallets

To further increase the efficiency of our high-performance pallet inserter and to reduce manual intervention in palletising to an absolute minimum, the pallet inserter is supported by our empty pallet robot. The linear robot automatically feeds the empty or top pallets from our own storage area. This allows the processing capacity of our pallet inserter to be increased to up to 200 stacks per hour. The maximum dimensions of the pallets fed in are 1400 x 1800 mm. A high standard of occupational safety is ensured by protective grids surrounding the working area. Nevertheless, monitoring of the pallet infeed is possible at any time due to the installed light grids.

Your advantages:

  • fully automatic palletising station
  • increasing the throughput of the pallet inserter to up to 200 stacks per hour
  • reduction of manual interventions to a minimum


Not only the loading but also the unloading of pallets is important in companies. While palletising is often already fully automated, products are often still taken off pallets manually. But here too, we at Dücker have solutions that not only save you time, but also offer your employees added safety. In addition, our depalletiser can be integrated into the entire automated cycle.

It goes without saying that we take into account any special features during the design phase, be it structural hurdles or special handling of sensitive goods. We develop individual solutions according to our customers' specifications, which offer maximum cost-effectiveness and highest safety and are tailored to the specifics of the respective industry.

Increase utilisation and production speed.
At every production and processing step.

Protected all around -
through bottom edge protection inserts and Top-Protection

Many materials need particularly gentle handling, we know this from the corrugated cardboard industry. Therefore, everything must function with enormous precision, pallets must be loaded carefully, everything must be optimally aligned. We think one step further, because goods must also be well protected and securely packaged for further processing and transport. For precisely these applications, we integrate systems that insert edge protection for the lower and upper edges - automatically, of course. We also integrate interfaces to strapping machines and wrappers into the processes so that the goods are well secured and packaged for further transport.

So that everything is guaranteed to arrive safely and undamaged.

We pave the way for
optimised dispatch

Palletising, pushing, aligning, all steps must be carried out precisely. Shipping preparation is also an important part of the material flow, because this is where the course is set for smooth further processing or transport. Good planning makes it possible to optimally utilise capacities, and this does not only apply to storage. In order to prepare finished pallets for transport, our systems use stack doublers that precisely and fully automatically place finished stacks on top of each other. Accuracy is important here, so that the stacks also stand securely during further transport. When planning the stack-dopplers, our engineers take into account all the special features that arise depending on the industry, material and environment and develop safe and reliable systems accordingly.

In addition to the doubling of the stacks, our plant also works with highly technical control systems with which contours, dimensions and positions are precisely checked.

So that even the penultimate step to transport can be carried out safely and automatically.

Why the penultimate step? We have even developed a solution for the fully automated loading of trucks.

Exact tracking of your orders -
with ASCOR

ASCOR is simply a multi-talent. Not only does it control your warehousing and management, accurate and optimised palletising, but it also enables detailed tracking of each individual stack to provide the packaging line with information. By means of an interface to the various transporting systems, ASCOR controls packing of the stack fully automatic.
It supplies connected systems such as ERP or MES systems with detailed information so that you have full control and an overview of your goods at all times. Thanks to true-to-scale visualizations with detailed information, you can see and target specific orders or stacks.

With ASCOR you keep the overview. Always.