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Control with ASCOR -

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Visualization and management system solution for your entire factory

ASCOR (Administration System for the CORrugated Industry) is our modular high-performance system for warehouse management, material flow control and visualization. It offers fully automated solutions for material handling. Our software controls the processes of your production chain, from the delivery of raw materials to the finished product. ASCOR takes over the coordination of all processes within the Dücker systems installed at your site and the interface-compatible systems. The fully automatic storage and transport system reduces operator interventions to a minimum and reduces disturbances in the process. This not only increases the safety of your personnel, but at the same time reduces costs due to failures, malfunctions or lost positions. With ASCOR, no stack is lost any more. Stacks can be traced at any time via the integrated transport history.

ASCOR includes all functions for a fully automated storage and transport system and offers parallel interfaces to all known planning systems in order to provide the processing machines with detailed order information and request lists. This concerns the delivery of the material for the processing machines in time and according to requirements, the warehouse control up to the order assignment to driverless vehicles. Of course, not only our in-house systems can be controlled with ASCOR, but also third-party conveyor technology such as from companies like SEEMI or Minda can be seamlessly integrated into the system.

The precise and true-to-scale visualization of all systems and goods flows connected via ASCOR can be checked by the operator at any time and, thanks to the sophisticated and user-friendly visualization, can also be quickly recorded across modules.

Modular, individual, automated

Modular system –
use individually

ASCOR is a module-based system that is built on the ASCOR framework. This means that no matter which Dücker systems you use in your company, an extension or change in the systems can take place at any time without having to use new software. This saves costs and above all working time, as only one software solution has to be used by your staff.

ASCOR modules are used in roll transport, intermediate storage, finished goods storage, packaging and dispatch and many other areas. The module-based, intuitive and true-to-scale graphical user interface of all module-based systems in your company facilitates easy operation and monitoring by your staff.

The ASCOR modules and the underlying ASCOR framework were programmed using the latest Microsoft development tools and are constantly being further developed on this basis. The ASCOR system can thus be operated on servers with a Windows operating system from MS Windows Server 2003. ASCOR can be used on virtual machines as well as on native servers. At the user level, the licence-free client software is used. It can be installed on all computers with an operating system from Microsoft Windows XP. Communication with the controllers at production level takes place via Industrial Ethernet or Siemens Profibus.

ASCOR is a 3-layer client/server system that allows its user to maintain full control over all processes from the delivery of the raw materials to the removal of the end products and at the same time offers complete documentation of all transport steps within your company.

As a complete solution for the control of an entire plant, ASCOR is an absolute pioneer.