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In the manufacturing industry, many factors are important. We specialise in the automated transport of heavy goods, unerringly and taking into account all special features and requirements. From the moment they arrive at your company, we accompany and transport your raw materials or goods with highly professional and individually designed conveyor systems.

Even though we originally come from the corrugated cardboard industry, we have been serving companies from a wide range of sectors for many years, from the paper industry to the automotive, furniture, wood and paper industries, right up to global giants in the pharmaceutical industry.

Precision, efficiency and safety are our focus. Our planning experts take into account every special feature, every special requirement and, of course, also structural hurdles. In the end, there is one goal: to work out the optimum performance for each of our customers. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are able to design even highly complex systems. Our in-house software ASCOR is at the heart of this and makes it possible to programme and automate logical processes and sequences with pinpoint accuracy. This also includes storage in the intermediate or finished goods warehouse and only ends with automated truck loading.

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Outfeed corrugator

Intermediate & finished goods warehouse

Processing machine peripherals

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