Automated truck loading -
Perfect logistics
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Automated truck loading –

we always go one step further for you!

Always two steps ahead -
with ATLAS (Automatic Truck Loading System)

In order to live up to our claim of accompanying our customers through internal logistics from A to Z, we have thought one step further. Our groundbreaking systems already optimize every single process from the arrival of goods to storage and handling. Now we can also fully automate the loading of the trucks. Together with Schumacher Packaging GmbH, we have developed this innovative solution. What was previously done manually with forklift trucks or other aids in 20 - 30 minutes, we can reduce to an absolute minimum: In the future, your truck will be ready and optimally loaded in just 3 - 5 minutes. Fully automatic. No special forklift trucks or trailers are needed any more, our systems and the in-house software ASCOR take over the entire loading process for you.

Our intelligent systems allow you to optimally calculate and utilize the space capacities already during the entire processing procedure. Afterwards, all pallets are automatically loaded into the truck with ATLAS via a retractable roller carpet and also fully optimized. The pallets are transferred directly from the finished goods or high-bay warehouse to pre-picking lanes, where they are brought together accordingly for the expected trucks. After a complete truck load has been brought together, it is first aligned on the same edge and then transferred to a roller carpet by means of a pusher. After the load has been completely stowed, a centring device then ensures optimum alignment to the truck dimensions. After loading the truck, a restraint system ensures that the pallets remain properly in place while the roller carpet returns to its original position.

From now on, you reduce free space in the trailer, work with maximum time and cost efficiency, and maximum safety.

Reduce the loading times of your trucks to a maximum of 5 minutes with ATLAS!
Completely automatically.

ATLAS Truck Loading