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A strong cooperation for easier entry

It has been sealed since September 2017: The Dücker Group is cooperating with the Bettine-von-Arnim Comprehensive School in Langenfeld.

This cooperation encompasses a wide range of activities. The interaction between school and work is characterized by the career orientation of young people. Interested pupils are regularly offered the opportunity to take part in career explorations and internships in all areas of our company. Career orientation days and "Job Talk" round off the picture and give us the opportunity to meet the pupils and provide them with individual information and advice. This, in turn, takes place in the school environment, so that pupils, teachers, trainers, and our human resources department are all on site.

The learning partnership goes beyond this: participation in school events such as the sponsored run or the summer festival of the Bettine-von-Arnim Comprehensive School are among the events that are firmly marked in our calendar.

A cooperation that is not only fun but also has positive effects for both sides: young people find it easier to start a career and for Dücker the opportunity to find motivated and suitable candidates for an apprenticeship.

Peter Dücker (left) and Peter Gathen (right, Principal Bettine-von-Arnim-Comprehensive school) on the day of the signing of the contract at the school's summer party

Some of our projects:


A youth development project

"With projects like these, we are able to introduce young people to our corporate division in a creative way and show them the professional diversity that an industrial company can offer," says Managing Director Peter Dücker, describing his motivation for this unusual commitment. Because what the 16 pupils of the Bettine-von-Arnim Comprehensive School experienced in July 2019 cannot be integrated into everyday school life. From the idea to the practical implementation, the young people realized a steel sculpture. The necessary equipment, from suitable steel plates to drilling and cutting machines to welding equipment, as well as the technical expertise of instructors and staff, was available to the pupils for this exciting time.

The Kunstverein Langenfeld accompanied the project as a creative partner and was able to win Rui Matos from Sintra/Portugal, an experienced steel sculptor, to lead the project. "For us, the cooperation with the company and the Kunstverein is a stroke of luck," school headmaster Peter Gathen was also pleased. "Here, young people get an insight into interesting job profiles and the opportunity to gain practical experience. This is not possible so intensively even in an internship." And "quite incidentally", the pupils expand their language skills, as communication is mainly maintained in English.

See the film about this special project here.


Dücker honoured for excellent learning partnership
The Dücker Group was awarded a certificate for the excellent learning partnership in February 2020. This is the second time we have been honoured. Eight particularly active learning partnerships were honoured. The learning partnership between Dücker conveyor systems GmbH and Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule has existed since autumn 2017.

With the School-Business Cooperation Network (KSW), the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Mettmann District Economic Development Agency have been establishing contacts between secondary schools and companies in the district for many years.
More than 70 percent of the secondary schools in the district of Mettmann participate in KSW. Thanks to the network, the transition from school life to working life is made easier for the pupils.
Dücker conveyor systems regularly organizes activities for pupils.
For example, in February of this year, a project day for career orientation took place between the Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule and Dücker.
On this day, the pupils were given an in-depth insight into the work processes of the company. In addition, the various apprenticeship professions (from construction mechanic to technical system planner to industrial clerk) were presented.

At Dücker, the learning partnership is actively lived and not least for this, the company has now been awarded again.

These measures are to be continued in the coming years in order to give the pupils perspectives. The company has been growing for years and is represented in all international markets. These are ideal conditions for young people.


Learning to help through play. We support!

What do I do in case of burns, a tick bite, or poisoning? And above all: How can I help others in an emergency? The Friends and Sponsors of the Rescue Helicopter Christoph 9 e.V. and K&L Verlag have set themselves the goal of answering these questions in a way that is suitable for children and have published an easy-to-understand colouring and workbook for girls and boys of primary school age. We think so: This is a good thing!

That is why we support the project

The book with many pictures to colour in teaches the skills of first aid in emergencies playfully. It tells the story of the siblings Mario and Olivia who, together with their dachshund Waldi, guide the reader through various episodes. On 32 pages, they give tips and advice on burns, heat stroke, tick bites, poisoning or shock. In this way, children receive age-appropriate knowledge so that they can behave correctly in an emergency and summon help. At the same time, teachers, educators and parents can discuss and practise the illustrations with the children.

With the support of many local businesses, the colouring and workbooks can be distributed free of charge to primary school children in the district of Mettmann. This is a commitment that we are very happy to support.

Would you like to learn more about the project? You can find more information here:

Bildnachweis: Abb. @ K&L Verlag