1848Forge the iron

The smithy and locksmith's shop Friedrich Dücker is founded in Hitdorf on the Rhine - a small port town between Cologne and Düsseldorf.

1971How to

The engineering office Friedrich and Peter Dücker uses its contacts to the corrugated board manufacturers and the machine manufacturers of the corrugated board industry. The know-how of their father's metalworking shop enables the production of the newly developed transport systems.

1981Continuous expansion

Growing markets require the construction of a second facility, another one is rented.

1981The current location

Modern company buildings with prospects for the future are being built in Langenfeld.

1992Production area Langenfeld

The new, modern production area in Langenfeld can already be used.

1995Recognising signs of the times

With the foundation of a separate software division, synergies are used and competences are developed at an early stage. Conveyance is automatic - at DÜCKER.

1998New manufacturing hall

Our company receives another production hall as well as office space and expands the production capacities to 7,000 m².

2001More room for development

The construction of a new office building with 2,000 m² for the expanding software division confirms the decision to rely on an own software house.

2006How small the world is

We accept the challenges of globalisation and realise a cooperation with Ringwood in Chicago. In-house production, service, distribution and aftersales open the doors to the North American market.

2009Laser controlled accuracy

In 2009, the cutting of sheet metal parts is taken to the next technological level. Here, steel plates are cut to size using the latest laser technology and brought into the desired shape by mechanical bending machines.

2010Continuous expansion

A further 2,300 m² of production space are added in 2010 at Herzogstraße 10 in Langenfeld.

2012A new location in the new world

In March 2012, Dücker Ringwood Automation LLC. is founded in Illinois (USA). The location is managed by our long-time employee Ronald Schuszler.

2013Further growth

DÜCKER ROBOTICS is established in Oleggio, Italy. The production of palletisers and prefeeders with robots as well as other solutions with robot technology are part of our portfolio.

2014New production hall

Construction of a new production hall with 1,800 m² at Herzogstraße 20 in Langenfeld.

2016A gateway to Asia

With the establishment of the joint venture BHS Dücker Systems Ltd. in China, we are further expanding our foothold in Asia. Local production capacities enable us to manufacture close to our customers, also for corrugated board plants in the Far East.

2017New production capacities for control cabinet construction

With the acquisition of the production facility at Herzogstrasse 23 in Langenfeld with an additional 600 m² for switch cabinet production, we are continuing our growth course.

2017Acquisition of majority shareholding in ID2MC

By acquiring majority shares in ID2MC, we are able to offer our customers conventional prefeeders for their processing machines.

2018Dücker Prefeeder

2019New production facility

The new central warehouse at Ernst-Tellering-Straße 44 offers us even more space to grow.

2019Extension of an office building

By adding an extension to an existing office building, we can create the urgently needed space for new offices.

2020New central warehouse

The purchase of the property An der Tongrube 2 enables us to build a new production facility in Monheim.

2020Expansion in France

The acquisition of shares in SEEMI allows us to further expand our market share in France.

2021Krifft und Zipsner

With the acquisition of shares in Krifft and Zipsner, we are expanding our market shares in Germany.