Vollständige Refinanzierung und neuer Start

Today, May 30, 2023, all formal requirements have been met to allow the investor Nimbus to inject new funds into Dücker conveyor systems. Thus, the company is fully refinanced and can continue its business with Nimbus as a mechanical engineering specialist at its side.

Nimbus is an industrial investor with a long-term horizon. Since 1996, it has invested in dozens of mechanical engineering companies in Germany and the Netherlands (Battenfeld-Cincinnati, ebu Umformtechnik, Eisenmann, Intega, Kranwerke Mannheim, Robert Bürkle, Stork Food & Dairy Systems, etc.) that were at a critical point in their development.

The Nimbus team consists of a mixed group of engineers and business people - all with previous experience in industrial companies. With a total turnover of €2.5 billion in its holdings, Nimbus is arguably the largest player in the European engineering landscape, giving new strategic direction to its businesses and securing them.

As of today, the management team will be strengthened by Christian Basedow from Nimbus, who brings a great expertise in turnaround management, finance and operations management. Three other professionals from Nimbus will support the management team in its transition program. At the same time, Peter Dücker will support the transition as an advisor to the management team.