Social Commitment

Accept responsibility.

Social commitment is a matter of course for the Dücker Group and its employees, but unfortunately that does not apply for the whole world. This is why the Dücker family and the DÜCKER GROUP are very committed in the social field. 

As one of several examples of their activities we would like to mention only one project in India. Being in close contact with an Indian father, the Dücker family and the DÜCKER GROUP support a couple of projects initiated by CMI, the “Carmelites of Mary Immaculate”. 

This fraternity builds and operates boarding schools, hospitals and orphanages in the North of India. Without this support, the children – irrespective of their belief – would not have the possibility of receiving any education. In addition, self-help groups and institutions are supported where young women are trained to given them the opportunity to add something to their family income.

Break new ground

The DÜCKER GROUP does not only focus on social activities all over the world. Local projects in Langenfeld are also supported.

During the Christmas tombola the DÜCKER GROUP trainees collected 500, - €. Thanks to this amount the foundation for an alpaca project in the St. Martinus hospital in Langenfeld was laid. The friend’s association of the hospital increased the amount to 1.500, - €.

The Alpaca project is a pet therapy that supports the geriatric division of the St. Martinus hospital. Every 14 days the elderlies can touch and feed the Alpacas.

A very normal day

This year the Dücker Group decided to support the project “an ordinary day” of the non-profit organisation Weikstiftung located in Langenfeld by our donation.
This foundation aims at obtaining a better understanding of children without handicap for handicapped people.
The foundation was founded in the year 2000. Since then more than 18000 children got the chance to experience this project at 114 elementary schools.
Due to this the foundation ensures a better understanding of handicapped people and eliminates barriers.
During the project day the children get impressions how blind and deaf people as well as wheelchair user cope with the everyday life as well as further everyday situations.
The project is called: “An ordinary day”
For the blind and deaf people as well as the wheelchair user the project day is “an ordinary day”.
For the other children it is a captivating and instructive challenge.

Impetus for the foundation was the Paralympics winner of Leverkusen Heinrich Popow. “The worst part was the teasing of the school mates”
(In the meantime he is multiple Paralympics winner and multiple world and European champion)

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