School commitment


Dücker sponsors and challenges young people

It has been sealed since September 2017. The Dücker Group cooperates with the Bettine-von-Arnim comprehensive school in Langenfeld.

This cooperation comprises many activities. Occupational orientation of the young people is at the core of the interaction between school and occupation. We regularly give the opportunity to interested students to participate in getting to know the occupational area and to carry out internships in all areas of our company. Occupational orientation days and „Job Talk“ complete the opportunities and enable us to meet the students and to inform and advise them individually. This is carried out in a school environment that means that students, teachers, trainers and our Human Resources meet each other in the school and vice versa in the company.

However, there is not only a learning partnership. As a matter of course Dücker participates in events such as the charity run or the summer celebration of the Bettine-von-Arnim comprehensive school.
This is a cooperation that does not only exist to have fun but also creates positive effects for both sides: Young people get easier access to world of work and Dücker has the possibility to find motivated and appropriate candidates for a vocational training.

Peter Dücker (left) and Peter Gathen (right, Director Bettine-von-Arnim-School)




Art meets industry

A project to promote the youth

“Projects like those enable us to approach in a create way the youth to our business unit and to show what professional diversity an industrial enterprise can offer,” says the Managing Director Peter Dücker when he describes the reasons and his motivation for this extraordinary commitment.  Because the experience the 16 pupils of the Bettine-von-Arnim comprehensive school made in July 2019 cannot be integrated in the school everyday life. Starting with the idea up to the practical implementation the young people realized a steel sculpture. Dücker made available not only the required equipment that means appropriate steel plates, drilling and cutting machines as well as welding machines but also the professional know-how of trainers and employees during the entire project.
The creative partner of this project was the Langenfeld art association. The experienced steel sculptor Rui Matos from Sintra/Portugal was at the head of this project. The head of the school Peter Gathen says also delighted “For us the cooperation between the company and the art association was a stroke of luck.” “Here young people get an insight into interesting job profiles and the possibility to gather practical experience. Even an internship cannot realize that intensity.” And “by the way” the pupils enlarge their language skills because the communication is realized to a large extent in English.
Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterHere you can find a film of this particular project.

Excellent learning partnerships

Dücker was honoured for its excellent learning partnership.
In February 2020 the Dücker Group was awarded a certificate for its excellent learning partnership. We have been already awarded the second time. Eight in particular active learning partnerships have been honoured. The learning partnership between Dücker conveyor systems GmbH and the Bettine-von-Arnim comprehensive school has been existing since autumn 2017.

By means of the cooperation network school-economy (KSW) the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and the business development of the Mettmann district have been establishing contacts between secondary schools and regional companies since many years.
More than 70 percent of the secondary schools of the Mettmann district take part in the cooperation network school-economy. This network aims at facilitating the transition from everyday school life to professional life.
Dücker conveyor systems GmbH regularly carries out various activities for the pupils.
In February 2020 a project day for vocational orientation between the Bettine-von-Arnim comprehensive school and Dücker took place.
The pupils got a deeper insight in the company work flows. In addition, the different occupations that require training (design engineering mechanics, technical system planner and industrial clerks) were presented.

Dücker lives actively the learning partnership and that is not the only reason why the company has been awarded again.

In the coming years those measures will continue to offer the pupils prospects. Since many years the company implements a growth strategy and is present on all international markets. Those are perfect prerequisites for the youngsters.