Teamwork, solidarity
and balance

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Commercial professions

We have a large number of commercial employees in our companies who ensure that everything runs smoothly every day. From calculation to accounting to purchasing, there are countless tasks that are expertly handled by our team.


Our engineers are responsible for professionally turning our customers' wishes into reality and adapting the conveyor systems to the circumstances. They are also constantly working on innovations to make our customers' lives even easier.


Our groundbreaking software enables companies to control all processes in a detailed and targeted manner and to optimise workflows.

Craft professions

Welders, electricians, mechanical engineers and many more can be found in our companies. The combination of all these trades makes it possible to make our machines work in the first place.

Working at Dücker, what does that mean?

Working at Dücker means being part of a large, international company that, despite everything, lives in partnership with each other instead of competing against each other. Everyone has their own tasks and obligations. The responsibility that we as a company bear towards our employees - or rather: family members - is something we are very conscious of in all our planning and actions. In this context, sustainability, team building and work-life balance are just a few buzzwords that play an important role in all our thoughts and actions.

As an ever-growing company, we have a lot of variety - and many challenges that we face every day together with our strong team.

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