From the delivery to the
transport to loading everything
is fully automated in the flow

Stacking, sorting, transporting - we pave the way

Outfeed solutions for corrugators

Doubling, turning, stacking -
automated and with sensitivity

Corrugated board - that's where we come from and what we know best. And we know all about the special features that processing this material entails. And that pays off for our customers. Because with optimal planning and perfect implementation, our automated transport systems support your entire material flow, from delivery to outward transport to loading. The aim of our systems is to optimise each individual step so that throughputs, increases and times are minimised and warehouse capacity utilisation is maximised through perfect planning. Ergo: You save time and money and use every step effectively and efficiently.

With the help of our PC-based ASCOR system, we are able to visualise the entire process in advance. The material flow is also controlled via the in-house ASCOR or via PLC.

Raise the processing in your company to a new level!

Some special features of our systems for discharge transport

Load Forming

Optimum utilization of available space is the goal of our load forming units. Here, even stacks with very short-haul lengths are turned through 90 degrees via the internal logistics before being stored in the intermediate warehouse. Afterwards, the individual panels are accumulated to form optimal load units for the transfer car. This ensures that all load carriers are filled optimally. However, the load capacity of the goods is also taken into account during load forming, as excessive loads can damage underlying layers.

Further processing is also taken into account during programming and loading, so that all further steps can also be optimized.

Optimize your entire value chain with us.

Automatic corrugator disposal with ASCOR

With ASCOR, you automate and optimise every single processing operation in your material flow. Stacks are automatically registered via data link so that further processing can be optimally calculated. Blocks are formed based on the registration of the incoming stacks for the optimal loading of the transfer cars. This enables maximum loading, taking into account the preset dimensions. Stacks of the same order are accumulated, thus reducing transfer car trips. Rotating "lying shafts" by 90° as well as doubling smaller haul lengths are integrated into the processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Integrated height and contour checks as well as weighing systems round off the automation with ASCOR.

Make maximum use of your existing capacities!